May we be privileged

“What separates privilege from entitlement is gratitude.” 

– Brene Brown

When we give a gift to someone who is so delighted by it, it becomes easy to gift that person again and again. When a receiver barely acknowledges it, or throws it aside, not so much. 

The Universe gifts us at every moment. What do we do with them? 

May we be privileged. 

What we pay attention to grows. Why? That’s the language between the Universe and us. By paying attention to what we pay attention to, we are telling the Universe what we want. That is why with gratitude comes abundance. And when we pay attention to what we don’t have or don’t want, there is more of that to experience.

May we know what we have and see the silver lining in every challenge. May we know our privilege. 

I think it is no accident that Thanksgiving is the beginning of the holiday season bookended by the New Year. We get to go into the season – a gift really – filled with giving, receiving, and coming together, even when completely challenged by our families. We set aside time for them; something many of us won’t do during the rest of the year. Or we get to see how we can create community – a family of choice. There is opportunity for gratitude as we step into the holidays. We get to see and work through the important issues that we bury under a lot of busy-ness the rest of the year. Those issues come alive during this time… effectively setting us up to close the season and start fresh on New Year’s Day with renewed inspiration, determination and intention for new possibility in our lives.

May we embrace the gift of holiday to see what we need to see and harness them to become what we need to become. For we are privileged. 

Sat Nam.

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