Playing the devil’s advocate

You got into a major fight with your significant other, and clearly you are right (meaning, I won’t argue with you about that, because that point is irrelevant).

What would happen if you approached the other side of the argument to win it?

Seriously. Rather than just going through the motions to say you did, step into the other shoe until you got it.

Then, come back into your own. Because this is not about losing yourself and abdicating your needs for his.

But now that you can understand a little bit of what the other person is experiencing (without judgment), can you find another way? It could take a little bit of ego-breaking, letting go of the physiological need to win, and finding a whole new way of being without compromising who you are… and if you can take on a different attitude (or altitude) about this, it can be fun. It most definitely can expand your personal range, making you more adaptive to situations.

We know polarizing doesn’t work to bring us closer, nor does it work to change the other’s mind, nor does it cause either side to win (because the truth is, they both lose).

And we could decide it isn’t worth it to make the effort, but at some point, it will have to be. Won’t it?

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