It’s their work, not yours

So stop trying to do their work for them. You’ll only enable or hold them back.

And find youself in a place where you feel you don’t have yourself.

So respond in a way that has the most integrity rather than the least resistance. Respond to the higher voice, not the louder voice.

Respond in a way that you can walk away knowing you have taken care of yourself and others in the best way possible. You really do know what that is if you stop second guessing yourself.

If you come out feeling like once again you relinquished your own needs because someone else needed your resources, then you might want to dig into that more deeply. The people around you typically benefit more from watching you carve out time and energy to invest in a deeper part of yourself and self-advocate for your well-being and for what is truly important to you than to see you continually taking the back seat. In fact, as you heal and thrive, so do they. And in so doing you have empowered them to do their own work.

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