How do you know you’ve won an argument?

Isn’t it when you got what you want?

The one that really matters?

This quote comes to mind: Lose the battle but win the war. 

But does it take being right to win?

Winning isn’t a zero sum game. That’s losing, actually. Win-win is the big win.

Even better if the other person feels like they won. If, at the end, you got what you want and the other person is happy. You don’t also have to be right and make sure the other person knows it. But often, because we feel that we’ve lost the being right part, we believe we lost.

Being clear on what you actually really want – choosing your battles – is critical, and so is your willingness to have your ego cracked a little… or a lot. I mean, needing to be right is a big one, and we will walk away from something good just to be right… just to win that battle, but lose the one that really matters.

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