Home is a place where all the pieces fit together.

This amazing woman that I recently met forwarded a newsletter to me that started, “Home is a place where all the pieces fit together…”

It made me reflect on the places and circumstances under which I feel at home. My bed, of course. And, in the arms, or presence, of someone I care about very very much. Also, when I’ve got my arms wrapped around my child.

As I look further, I realize that the big challenge is to feel at home when I am feeling “empty.” At that moment, I am seized with the need to find something outside of me to fill me up. I may confuse it with hunger or some other distraction. When in fact, it is a moment pregnant with possibility- an opportunity to go, instead, inside of me.

To be at home with emptiness? That would be something. THAT would be the unleashing of Divine Creativity…

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