Love and Tennis


I looked up the word love, and there was another definition besides deep affection towards another person. In tennis, love is a score of zero, or nothing.

I love that.

In yoga, there is this word suniaa, which means nothing. Zero point. This is what we, in our practice, strive for. And upon reaching this zero point, all at once we become everything. Within this nothingness, we create a new pattern of being, of greatness. It is at this point that we step into our highest potential.

In love, my ego, my boundaries, disappear, and I become One. With this world, I become We. When I am in love with a man, and he loves me, he and I become We. Time no longer exists and creation under the purest form of engagement, or ultimate pleasure, erupts. From what? From a simple desire to be touched, understood, seen, loved. And from a natural desire to expand, becoming nothing and everything.

A feeling (love as an emotion) becomes expression (love as action) and everything is permanently altered. The attachment, the oneness, the energetic connection is forged, both joy and pain infused together in playing out this day to day drama that is a part of life as a human being. From this point, the work towards balance as we seek wholeness within ourselves while supporting it in the other person is critical, lest suffering continues. I can feel him even when he is not with me because there is a connection. His pain becomes mine. His joy mine. Same with my children. Same with this world.

Love, in its quest, is human. Attained in its truest form- enlightenment. May we all engage in pursuit of this power that denies no one and could only bring joy and healing to us all. Breathe it in fully. Exhale it out, offer it back to the world, completely. Recalibrate. And play some Tennis with a capital T.

Published by Savitree Kaur

I'm a meditation and mindset coach. I teach you to use morning meditation and daily habits to bring purpose and energy into your life.

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