Prosperity & Judgment

I can get all wrapped up in the metaphysics and the law of attraction around money and why. Sometimes it just comes down to plain an simple math. Sort of like weight loss: metaphysically we can talk about what do I need to let go of, what am I protecting myself from, etc. I find that usually it just boils down to simple calories. Eat less than I burn, and I will be all right. Then the metaphysics kicks in. I feel great, I’m happy, I metabolize better.
That’s where I’d like to start. When my outgo is less than my income, I feel more secure. From that security, I can think about how to increase my income, which then leads to empowerment. Which leads to possibilities, which leads to prosperity. And taking it back to Tricia’s comment about judgment, I find that the less critical I am about myself, the less critical I am about others. When I do what I need to do to take care of myself, I am less critical about myself and.. what do you know.. judgment disappears. And I become abundant in the best sense of the word.

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