It’s all on my radar

Having a healthy relationship with money puts you in a position to have better relationships with everyone in your life. It all flows together. –Suze Orman
What do I want? …it all.
I married young. First my father took care of me, then my husband. Even though I worked during most of our marriage, he always made more and we looked at my contribution as ‘funny money’. Much of my life was based on someone else’s terms.  For a decade now, I have journeyed inside of myself as a yoga student to discover my hurts, my anger, my strengths, desires, and my relationship with the world. This journey gave me courage to take risks and create my life on my terms.
I am now divorced with two children. I teach yoga, coach, and co-founded a company called Blissful Home. Recently I fought a scary battle with my ex-husband over child support. I realized how much I counted on his income and I was suddenly terrified over my co-dependence. Until then, my focus was on service. Not money. Money is something that is supposed to come if we do what we love, so don’t think about it. –Right?
Suze Orman has not historically been on my radar. Suddenly she is on my desk next to Michael Roach, Thich Nach, Maya Tiwari and Deepak Chopra. The child support issue prompted me to add one more value to my list of priorities which include service to others, friends, my children, good health and play: money. Suze says “A woman who is more financially confident and secure is a happier woman. And a happier woman is going to be better able to nurture, share and give support to all those in her life. All of it is possible.” I am here to tell you that while I have a ways to go to reach my financial goals, I am a happier woman. So my resolve is to build on this by creating wealth on my own terms while continuing on with my daily yoga practice and engaging with others as much as possible. It’s all on my radar.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Savitree,

    I think systems is the perfect word to “Keep Up” in the years to come. I am learning from you everyday

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